Ammoncontact – New Birth

Carlos Niño is one busy guy; not only does this mini-album come just six months after the release of Ammoncontact’s ‘One In An Infinity Of Ways’ album but it comes out on the same day as the first single from another of his projects ‘Dwight Trible & The Life Force Trio’ And his partner in Ammoncontact is no less busy, recording New Birth after the birth of his son Naeem.

The sound that comes out of these recordings is a kind of ambient instrument hip hop. While it can be a little repetitive at times, this is nothing if not innovative, taking hip hop off into a whole new territory.

The instrumental mould is broken for one track, My People, which features vocals from ex-Scienz Of Life man Lil Sci, while Temple Jam returns back to the instrumental style to close the album with help from yet another Niño project, Build An Ark.

Label: Ninja Tune
Release date: 16th May 2005


  1. Omniverses 1
  2. Naeem
  3. Futuro
  4. It Started As A Remix For Elvin
  5. A Satallite’s Return
  6. New Birth
  7. Omniverses 2
  8. My People
  9. Temple Jam

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