Amadou & Miriam – Coulibaly (CD Review)

I don’t know what it’s about and I am not entirely sure what language it is being sung in, However, it does rock. Amadou & Miriam are, I am led to believe, top pop stars in West Africa and are both blind. Their European releases have come about because of some of their early working making its way to the ears of a Parisian producer. The sound is complex and undeniably funky with catchy vocal parts. The intricate percussion and guitar play is multi-layered and is enhanced by the multi-layered singing. The whole comes together with sun and fun energising every note.

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There are remixes available from Ashley Beedle, Akon, and Kano. The mixes make the track a bit more club (i.e. DJ) friendly, but really little work is needed to enhance the dance aspect of this track. Ashley Beedle’s mix stands out due to the extrusion of the intro into a big tease before letting he vocals work for themselves.

Label : Because

Release Date : 20 March 2006

Website :

Website :


  • Coulibaly (Album Version)
  • Coulibaly (Fried Chicken Remix)
  • Coulibaly (Ashley Beedle’s Afikanz On Marz Vocal)
  • Coulibaly (Ashley Beedle’s Afikanz On Marz Instrumental)

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