AM – Francophiles & Skinny Ties (CD Review)

AM are a three piece outfit from Brooklyn who play a catchy and melodic punk that I would call punk pop if that didn’t have such lightweight connotations. This collection of punchy and concise songs begins with the funky bass and brash guitars of ‘Life For Sale’ and the scene is set for more well tempered blasts of axe-work, bass and beats you can dance to without looking like you are having a fit, and vocals that cut across all of these in an attention demanding snarl.

The only place I have found that you can get this album is from those nice chaps at

Label : AM Mayhem Records

Release Date : 22 November 2004

Website :


  • Life For Sale
  • Inthecity (NYC)
  • Sex N Drugs
  • Monster Heart
  • King Cobra
  • Far Fall
  • Quiet N Dayglo
  • Bloodshot

AM are James Jones (Vocals/Guitars), Scott Cleveland (Bass) and Jarrod Ruby (Drums)

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