All One Surface – Such Is The Way To The Stars

This is a debut release for not only All One Surface but also for their label Human Recordings. All One Surface comprise the talents of Ven Pedro (vocals/guitars/bass/programming), Steve Whatcott (guitar/bass) and Alex Bedwell (drums). Between them they have created an album of gems that bring emotion and empathy into sharp relief with fluid and cyclonic explosions of guitars, bass and drums. There are tracks that begin very gently before erupting from the speakers with pacey, and passionate, rock. Ven blends an exposed frailty through his cathartic vocal style, gelling into a catchy whole with the often furious playing of his bandmates.

My personal favourite of this great album is the high drama, high energy, high pop and high fun of ‘Back To One’. It is a brilliant track. It is by no means alone; it sits aside a raft of quality songs. You’d be a fool to miss it this.

You can get your copy by visiting the Human Recordings website from February 9th.

Label : Human Recordings

Release Date : 9 February 2004

Website :


  • Bleeding Center Stage
  • Compensate
  • Fairytales And Lovesongs
  • Trading Time For Chance
  • Back To One
  • Choices
  • Desideratum
  • One Last Throw
  • Charcoals And Grays
  • New Memories
  • Too Much (Being Down)

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