AKO – Tomorrow Night’s Regret

The Bristol based four piece AKO – on the back of a debut album ‘Find Yourself’, lavish praise from the rock press and extensive touring – are a band sitting someway between energetic emo and full-on hardcore… They dip into each as appropriate, a skill best demonstrated in the opening track ‘Transparent’. The desperate pained screams of Toby and Ben cut through the blaze of guitars and pounding drums, an effect that reproduces the live assault on the ears that is the calling card of heavy punked up music. Of all the tracks, and the quality throughout is high, the best of all is ‘Never Wanted This’ which takes upon itself a furious speed, a blinding chorus and an altogether almighty eruption of fantastic noise.

If you are able to get to the Barfly in London for the 19th November then you can catch them headlining.

Label : Trash City Records

Release Date : 3 November 2003

Website : www.ako-music.com


  • Transparent
  • Never Wanted This
  • Tread Easy
  • Starlight
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