Akira The Don – AAA EP (CD Review)

ATD’s unconventional and uncompromisingly honest hip hop is refreshingly based around the vocals and uncluttered by the detritus of too long spent in the studio obsessing. ‘Patrick’ is (at least semi-) autobiographical and about being young and in a bad scene in North Wales. By contrast there is the charmingly low tech track with the high tech dreams that makes up ‘Living In The Future’.

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With uncompromising honesty comes unpleasantness, in this case the love letter to his exes gone very wrong that is ‘Cut You In The Face’ can be distasteful but in a way admirable. Be sure to check out the mixes and tracks available on his website.

Video Links : Click below for the video of ‘Living in the Future’

Label : Something In Construction (SIC)

Release Date : 23 May 2005

Website : www.AkiraTheDon.com


  • Patrick
  • Living In The Future
  • Cut You In The Face

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