Air – Talkie Walkie

Air have returned with an album of delicately constructed, rich and cinematic songs. In fact two of them, ‘Mike Mills’ and ‘Alone In Kyoto’, were written for film soundtracks – ‘Alone In Kyoto’ is in the Sofia Coppola film ‘Lost In Translation’ while ‘Mike Mills’ appears to be waiting for a film to be in. Godin and Dunckel have chosen to play or program all of the instruments themselves. This has allowed them to show a different side to themselves, an easier side to listen to compared with their last album, ‘10,000Hz’. The whole of this new album has a dreamy and almost pastoral feel to it. The vocals are soft and wispy, the music itself is pared back and uncluttered, and there is a serenity that appears all pervading. From the well-judged, low-key drama of the opening number ‘Venus’, through the plucked acoustic simplicity of ‘Universal Traveller’, to the beautiful ‘Alone In Kyoto’ – this is a great album. There are tracks like the sweetly sung ‘Cherry Blossom Girl’, a highlight of the album, which brings a lightness combined with a catchy downtempo pop chorus. ‘Talkie Walkie’ is an excellent return and yet another new incarnation for Air; may there be many more.

You can sample the delights of this fine album yourself by downloading the first single to be taken from the album ‘Cherry Blossom Girl’ (available right now). All you need to do is go to and follow the instructions there.

Label : Source/Virgin

Release Date : 26 January 2004

Website :


  • Venus
  • Cherry Blosson Girl
  • Run
  • Universal Traveller
  • Mike Mills
  • Surfing On A Rocket
  • Another Day
  • Alpha Beta Gaga
  • Biological
  • Alone In Kyoto

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