Adam Green – Friends Of Mine

‘Friends Of Mine’ is the follow up to the frail and nervous eponymous solo debut by one of the big names in New York’s antifolk scene. This is actually Adam’s first studio album, as ‘Adam Green’ was actually recorded by a youthful Mr Green before the first Moldy Peaches album. That 18 year old has come a long way in the three years in between.

What Adam has created is a more mature, more confident and unexpectedly more traditional fare from the Moldy Peaches frontman. His vocals are richer and more sonorous than before, yet still retaining the surrealism, course puerile honesty and lyrical humour. This album is still largely acoustic, but with soothing and effective strings courtesy of Jane Scarpantoni (known for her work with Lou Reed). Adam Green has evolved from the heart-warmingly kooky, fancy dressed frontman for the ‘Peaches into a worthy contender.

Adam is on tour in the UK. Catch him supporting Ex-Catatonian Cerys Matthews at the following venues in June.

  • 16 – Concorde2, Brighton
  • 18 – The Stables, Milton Jeynes
  • 19 – Union Chaple, London
  • 23 – Leadmill, Shefield
  • 24 – Junction, Cambridge
  • 25 – MDH, Manchester

    Label : Rough Trade Records

    Release Date : 23 June 2003

    Website :


  • 1. Bluebirds
  • 2. Hard to Be a Girl
  • 3. Jessica
  • 4. Musical Ladders
  • 5. Princes Bed
  • 6. Bunnyranch
  • 7. Friends of Mine
  • 8. Frozen In Time
  • 9. Broken Joystick
  • 10. I Wanna Die
  • 11. Salty Candy
  • 12. No Legs
  • 13. We’re Not Supposed to Be Lovers
  • 14. Secret Tongues
  • 15. Bungee
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