Adam Green – Adam Green

Adam Green has collected his wilfully weird and simply constructed songs into an album that is uneven and at times particularly challenging. That isn’t to say the album is bad, just difficult. There are some excellent numbers here, like ‘My Shadow Tags On Behind’ and ‘Dance With Me’; Both are great pop songs.

Many of the songs are childish and more experimental than some of his co-antifolkers. The childishness does not manifest itself cutely or innocently but instead like a kid starved of attention shows off and is extreme for its own sake. Maybe I have missed the point, but I don’t think so.

Label : Rough Trade Records

Release Date : Out Now


  • Apples, I’m Home
  • My Shadow Tags Behind
  • Bartholemew
  • Mozzerella Swastikas
  • Dance With Me
  • Computer Show
  • Her Father And Her
  • Baby’s Gonna Die Tonight
  • Times Are bad
  • Can You See Me

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