Aconite Thrill – The Recliner (CD Review)

Mixing up the whole metal spectrum, from Incubus to Slayer to Metallica to Faith No More, Aconite Thrill Have created an excellent debut album.

The rhythm section is about as solid as they come, driving everything forward underneath the stabbing and often highly technical guitar riffs. Will Jeferee’s vocals come in over the top with great power and a lot of thought for how he will sound against the music.

Aconite Thrill are one of a rare bread – a metal band that stands out.

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Label: Mighty Atom
Release date: 30th August 2004


  • Maps To Mornings
  • Can’t Keep A Good Cop Down
  • B Movie Explosion
  • It Would Have Been A
  • V I B G Y O R
  • Caspian Seaside Holiday
  • Rhino Septo Plastic Sea
  • Minute Man Of The Hour
  • The Journey To The Centre Of
  • Five Paces East
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