Aberfeldy – Love Is An Arrow (CD Review)

‘Love Is An Arrow’ is a rather unusual song, from a less than normal group. This is, of course, the charm of the Scottish five piece. As the lyrics discuss the meaning of love there is a sweet countrified backing that reminds you of Belle & Sebastian or Camera Obscura. If that makes them sound a bit ‘twee’ then you almost have them down pat; psychedelic twee is probably nearer the mark. Scared? Don’t be, Aberfeldy are lovely.

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The 7″ is backed with the most peculiar and charming ‘On The Peninsula’ which seems to be emulating the whimsy of 1940’s music hall.

‘Love Is An Arrow’ is taken from Aberfeldy’s debut album ‘Young Forever‘, out now.

Label : Rough Trade

Release Date : 14 February 2005

Website : www.aberfeldys.com



  • Love Is An Arrow
  • Your Own Trailer
  • Tom Weir


  • Love Is An Arrow
  • On The Peninsula

Video Links

Real High // Real Low

Windows High // Windows Low

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