A Man Called Adam – Barefoot In The Head

Some would have old classics left alone, preserved in aspic to be untouched by time as taste. They are sometimes right, but not in the case of ‘Barefoot In The Head’. The Acoustic mixes of ‘Barefoot…’ are brilliant chill out, a definite improvement on the original.

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The new mixes include A Man Called Adam’s own ‘Cornizenco’ mix is gentle and relaxing with bass to the fore and Sally Rogers vocals lilting behind. The old style house influences on the Justin Robinson and Cadgedbaby Remix take the pace up a little, but not enough to spoil the blissed out feel.

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A Man Called Adam’s latest album, ‘All My Favourite…’, includes ‘Barefoot In The Head’, ‘Earthsings’, ‘Techno Powers’ as well as eight new tracks.

Label : Southern Fried

Release Date : 02 August 2004

Website : www.amancalledadam.com


  • Barefoot In The Head (Acoustic Edit)
  • Barefoot In The Head (Original)
  • Barefoot In The Head (Fug Remix Acoustic Version)
  • Barefoot In The Head (The Cornizenco Mix)
  • Barefoot In The Head (Justin Robinson and Cadgedbaby Remix)

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