Superthriller 2 out in July

Everybody’s favourite avant-pop combo are back with a brand new album in July

Aren’t you just sick to the back teeth of plastic indie bands, pompous rock stars and glossy pop albums made by committee? Well, you’re in luck….Superthriller are back.

Imagine if peak period Prince had relocated Paisley Park to a subterranean studio below London Bridge and enlisted Tony Hancock as a writing partner: such is the sound of Superthriller. Not your typical avant-pop combo, Andrew Roland and brothers Ben and Max Ringham, combine warped lo-fi funk, twisted humour and straightforward songwriting genius to create perfect pop nuggets that simultaneously move the hips and stimulate the mind.

Superthriller Vol.1 Their debut album Superthriller1 caused quite a stir on its release in 2005, and earned the trio a support slot on Beck’s UK tour, bookings at last summer’s Reading and Leeds festivals and an enthusiastic, if sometimes obsessive fan base – check out the Italian fans doing their own video for ‘Ahjustwannadance’ on YouTube for evidence.

Since the release of Superthriller1, the band has evolved from an entertaining side project to a full-time and fearsome future pop beast. The trio are prolific writers, and gave the public a taste of new material in the form of last year’s The Blank Album: a beautifully presented, but entirely blank CD, that allowed fans to create their own album from a selection of new songs, B-sides, remixes and outtakes posted on-line.

Superthriller2 is the work of a band at the peak of their powers: rich with humour but deadly serious in intent, the album is packed with peak time pop, twisted love songs and potty mouthed orders to dance. The limited edition 7″ ‘Pop Goes The Captain’ gives the first taste of the delights to come (best get down the shops sharpish on 30th April – these things have a habit of selling out). The album will be released on the 2nd July, followed on the 16th July by the single ‘Hairdresser’ – a funk fuelled three minutes that gives the Scissor Sisters a run for their money.

Look out for news of live shows and festival appearances to be announced soon.

30 APRIL ‘Pop Goes The Captain’, LIMITED 7″
2 JULY Superthriller2 , ALBUM
16 JULY ‘Hairdresser’ 7″, CD & DOWNLOAD

All releases are on Mint Music.

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