Buck Brothers make Guinness Book Of Records

Punk poppers Buck Brothers have created a new world record by playing 27 gigs in the space of ten and a half hours, beating a previous record held by German rockers Kansas City, who played 26 gigs in 12 hours in Hamburg three years ago.

Buck Brothers played the gigs in a variety of locations across London, including Leicester Square, Camden, Islington and Soho, overseen by a Guinness Book Of Records official who was present to ratify the record. The
band had been intending to play 30 gigs, in fact, but some venues cancelled, and by the time they got to number 27 there were no venues on their list left to play at.

The band’s Andy Duke says: “We’re absolutely ecstatic. In the face of adversity, I mean everything that could go wrong did go wrong. We had to swap bits of the PA system and much more, however we had to make the best of a bad situation. It was a real challenge. But we did it. I’m delighted, it’s fantastic.”

2 thoughts on “Buck Brothers make Guinness Book Of Records

  1. They in fact did 28 gigs in the end. The BBC article report was one off.

    Check out today’s Evening Standard (Page 17) – 28 is listed.

    Good fun. Great to see a band having a laugh for a change

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