Grinderman announce album release date and limited single

The Best of Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsThe previously reported new project from Nick Cave, Grinderman, have confirmed that their eponymous debut album will be released on 5 March next year, with a limited edition 7″ single and download release ‘Get It On’ out on 8 January. The download bit isn’t limited by the way, it’s the 7″ singles that are limited. Very limited actually – there’ll only be 1000. And Nick Cave himself will provide a unique vinyl etching on the b-side (which presumably means he’ll scratch a picture into the vinyl) so these should be really quite collectible.

Here, band members Marty Casey, Warren Ellis, Jim Sclavunos and, of course, Cave, talk some nonsense about the single:

Ellis: “This song is sung across an excoriating mandolin loop based on an
obscure lute melody from the 11th century”.
Casey: “12th Century”.
Cave: “It is a lament for the messianic rock n’ roll hero and begins, of
course, with a statement of intent.”
Casey: “Mice, dogs, baboons, hyenas”.
Cave: “Yeah, well, for me all the enemies of inspiration assume animal
shapes, they are all around us… and of course, inside us.”
Ellis: “From all the loops I originally sent you, this was the first one
that really cried out to be used”.
Sclavunos: “Yeah, it grinds…it ground…”

So now you know…

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