Groundbreaking show planned by The Irrepressibles

Sunday, 17th December 2006
54 Holliwell Lane, Shoreditch

The Irrepressibles have teamed up with leading sound artists Adrian Palka (London), Wolfram Der Spyra (Berlin) and Greg Miller (Scotland) with the help of the Yoni Group, to make an industrial-era warehouse resonate in performance until it “sings”.

The Irrepressibles

At the will of the artists, the orchestra will effectively extend sonically into the structure of the building. Installations placed strategically around the audience will respond in pitched reverberation to the dynamics of The Irrepressibles 10-strong orchestra.

Led by composer/artist Jamie McDermott, The Irrepressibles are driven by an uncompromising urgency to transcend the popular music form. The collective fuse classical, early jazz and folk genres, extraordinary vocals and powerful polyphonic arrangements to create intense & affecting music.

In the last two years, The Irrepressibles have been asked to perform for London Fashion Week, Tate Britain, and The Hackney Empire, for high profile events. Here they have collaborated with artists of various mediums to execute landmark performances in the popular music field.

The night will also feature progressive performance from:

Hand To Mouth
Victoria and Anna


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