Charlotte Hatherley releases new single and album on new label

Singer/songwriter Charlotte Hatherley is to return with a digital EP ‘Behave’ on the 18th December 2006.

The EPs title track ‘Behave’ is also the first release from Charlottes 2nd solo album ‘The Deep Blue’, due for release in March 2007. The EP showcases the range of the forthcoming album and also has a storming remix of ‘Behave’ by Luke Smith (Clor) due to hit the clubs soon.

The tracklisting for the EP is as follows:

1. Behave
2. Mr. Ed
3. Cousteau
4. Behave – Luke Smith Remix

Charlotte Hatherley 'Behave' Cover

Charlottes first solo album ‘Grey Will Fade’ was released on Double Dragon in August 2004. It received critical acclaim both in the UK and internationally, and spawned two UK top 40 singles ” ‘Summer’ and ‘Bastardo’.

The new releases will be through newly established label Little Sister Recordings.



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