Aki Nawaz / Fun Da Mental ” All is War” breaking news

The latest update on Aki Nawaz / Fun Da Mental’s controversial new album has arrived.

The press release reads…

Fun Da Mental Album “All Is War” (the benefits of g-had) is officially been launched through digital download via their own web site www.fun-da-mental.co.uk exclusively on Monday 7th of August 2006.The highly controversial and provocative album has caused such a stir in the media from all the corners of the world that even manufacturers and distributors in the UK had to distance themselves “too hot to handle” was the excuse. The expected arrest did not materialize as Aki said he was Glorifying State Terrorism and there is no law against such loyalty but his door remained open to the Government should they wish to take a break from their despicable support of the murder of innocent Lebanese people.

Aki Nawaz has now set up a new label Five Uncivilized Tribes which the album will be launched thru.

Cookbook D.I.Y the track most of the media focused upon has now been visualized in video form and will be available later this week for the media. Other videos are currently been made to create a visual element for the album and its intention.

Aki Nawaz issued the following statement:

“We have now found a secret location outside of Europe where the album is been manufactured. My intention was to expose the hypocrisy and contradictions of democracy and free speech, which is evident and real, that has been achieved.

I would say we are living in times of Democratic Nazism and there is an epidemic of institutionally fuelled racism against the communities. In time and predictably in a colonial mentality, an indigenous lord or sir will conclude this after siphoning the tax payers money in its thousands and only then will the establishment acknowledge the reality and its error.

However until then as previously we will speak out whatever the consequences at the hands of the State.

Democracy has been hijacked by a few to execute their own demonic aspirations least of all Tony Blair, a Crime Minister of the 1st degree. Foreign Policy is the root cause of the reaction and reality we live in.

I do not fear Prison; far better people have done their time for bigger and worthier struggles

The physical album will be released on 28th August via Vital Distribution (who re-considered and back on board) however it is not clear whether shops will actually stock it as they remain cautious. The album cover has also created concern as it displays the Statue of Liberty in its reality and honesty.

Yours Uncompromisingly

Five Uncivilized Tribes.

p.s. we request that people should first support the people in Lebanon with their money rather than buy the album, their need is greater and far more important however we will happily donate money from the sales to where it matters.

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  1. BIG UP your new album is wicked-Im one of you …I hope with my sound system I.ll take part of your next release…Man from senegal…let the blessing of the almighty ALLAH b upon you….from PRAGUE on behave the Nomad Sound System

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