Jet album update

Jet have spoken to Rolling Stone about working on their new album and the effect that the death from cancer of the father of frontman Nick Cester and drummer Chris Cester has had on the tone of the long player, which will be released some time this year.

Nick Cester said: “The ballads are a lot deeper. It’s all resulted in a journey. It was a way to vent a lot of issues, feelings and anger. We ran a whole gamut of emotions over the last few years. You don’t bury dad and go out and write the fucking party classic.”

He added that, following the success of their debut album, ‘Get Born’, the band felt under a bit of pressure over the second: “The first time around, we were a pop band from Melbourne, and this time around we’re playing much bigger venues. We wanted to make sure the new album was going to be five times better… Obviously, we’re still Jet. We’re still a rock band.”

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