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Norwegian electronic legend Geir Jenssen, aka Biosphere, releases a new album ‘Dropsonde’ via Touch Recordings on 20 April. Around the same time, he’s staging a tour of cinemas in London, Liverpool and Brighton, and will be accompanied by visuals from award winning video artist Egbert Mittelstaedt. Biosphere is great, and if you’re any kind of electronica fan, you ought to make a point of trying to get along to one of these lovely audio/visual events. Here are the dates,

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    19 Apr: GATE Cinema, Notting Hill
    20 Apr: Picturehouse at FACT, Liverpool
    21 Apr: Greenwich Picturehouse (7.30pm)
    22 Apr: Ritzy Cinema, Brixton (9.15pm)
    23 Apr: Duke of York Cinema, Brighton

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