The Modern get chart disqualified!

There’s been much talk in certain music industry circles following the news that Mercury signed The Modern have been essentially banned from the chart over concerns that a number of individuals have been downloading strangely large quantities of their new single ‘Industry’.

As you may have read, ‘Industry’ made it to number 13 in the chart last week but was subsequently removed when the Official UK Charts Company discovered the multiple purchases. Some gossipers are suggesting that someone involved with the band (though not the label) might have been involved in a kind of digital buyback campaign – but we should stress that that is entirely gossip, the official line is that a number of fans, friends and family members of the band have been independently buying multiple copies hence the irregularities.

A statement from the band reads thus: “Due to over-enthusiastic members of the band’s fans and family, an unacceptable number of records were digitally ordered per person online. The band are keen to stress they thank their fans for their loyalty and support and are saddened by the OCC’s decision but understand the integrity of the charts must be upheld. The Modern ask that, when their album ‘Life In The Modern World’ is released in May, everyone contains themselves and buys no more than two copies so there can be no dispute over sales.”

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