Chinese Democracy latest

The latest in the ongoing ‘when is Axl Rose finally going to finish that
album’ saga, with the news that Slash has said that ‘Chinese Democracy’ is
finished and it will be out in March. Speaking on Virgin Radio, former GnR
guitarist Slash told Christian O’Connell: “Yeah it’s going to happen, I’ve
been made aware it’s been heard. I’m really excited, it’s been a long time
waiting to see what the next step around the corner was going to be for him,
we know where everybody else is, but we were wondering what he was going to
be doing. It’s coming out in March and apparently it sounds great.”

The pair have, of course, not spoken in ten years, but Slash says: “I’ve
always been supportive over that thing, even though it’s been turned in to a
big controversial blah blah blah thing. When I left I was pretty pissed off
for having to leave in the first place. After a while all the brou-haha that
was stirred and all the negative press, sort of went in his direction, so
I’m just waiting for the record to come out, so I’m glad where it’s got to
the point that that’s happening.”

Let’s hope that after ten years work, it doesn’t turn out to be rubbish.

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