The Thrills begin work on new album

The Thrills are working on a follow up album to 2004’s ‘Let’s Bottle
Bohemia’, according to a post left on the band’s official website by singer
Conor Deasy which reads: “We will return to our rural retreat in a few weeks
to give the songs a final polish and tie up any loose ends. In the
intervening weeks I’ll continue writing and hopefully have a couple of new
songs ready to throw on the heap.”

He also revealed that the band are to work again with Tony Hoffer, who
produced the first Thrills album: “We used to think that for a band to
progress, you couldn’t use the same producer again. In hindsight that was a
bad case of tunnel vision and group think. Tony is a great producer and a
lovely guy. I believe we can make a really exciting record together without
repeating ourselves.”

The band plan to begin recording next month.

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