Mylo cancels Day Out due to deafness

Mylo has been forced to cancel his appearances at Big Day Out after he
contracted a virus over Christmas that has led to his becoming deaf in one
ear, with a partial loss of hearing in the other. He is now stranded in
South Africa where he was due to play a show.

According to a statement, Mylo “contracted a virus over the New Year which
resulted in partial hearing loss in one ear. Unfortunately the situation has
since worsened and he has lost hearing in one ear completely, and has only
partial hearing in his other ear. He was hoping that a couple of days rest
would help regain his hearing. However, since his arrival in Cape Town for a
show and receiving specialist medical treatment, unfortunately no progress
has been made.”

The statement continued: “As a result of this, he is grounded in Cape Town
and unable to move at the moment. As you can probably imagine it is
impossible for him to perform right now and therefore we regretfully have to
cancel the Big Day Out shows.”

He’s not the first to make a last minute exit from the Australian touring
festival. As previously reported, AFI have pulled out, although Jack White,
who was recently forced to cancel White Stripes tour dates in Japan is
expected to recover in time to take part in Big Day Out as scheduled.

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