New Order to soundtrack Ian Curtis movie

New Order are currently working on songs for the soundtrack of the new biopic of their former bandmate, the late Ian Curtis. The film, ‘Control’ is based on a book by Curtis’ widow Deborah, and has been in the planning stage for years. New Order’s Peter Hook told NME: “We were asked to do the soundtrack to the film which I thought was a fucking great idea, for Joy Division to do the music for a Joy Division film because we’ve never really done a soundtrack before. The soundtrack could include new stuff. Basically Anton wants to use certain songs by Joy Division so that each song becomes a video. Like the way the ‘Atmosphere’ video was filmed, he wants to write videos that appear in the film. Every time we get accolades for Joy Division it makes it sadder, especially with the film. Working on the film has made the whole thing seem more poignant.”

It’s twenty five years since Curtis committed suicide, and in tribute New Order have been playing Joy Division songs in their gigs all year, with last month’s tribute set to John Peel being comprised almost entirely of Joy Division tracks. Hook says the band are considering doing a full Joy Division set at some point, saying: “We have actually talked about doing Joy Division sets and gigs but we haven’t actually found our footing yet. We did the festivals and had a bit of time off but because we’ve played two gigs recently and had the whole UK Hall Of Fame thing we haven’t really decided what we’re gonna do next. If we deem it to be enjoyable then we’ll do it.”

A full cast for the film is not yet confirmed, although Samantha Morton is said to be set to play Deborah Curtis. Speculation meanwhile seems to be concluding that a ‘young Irish actor’, rumoured to be Cillian Murphy, but definitely not Colin Farrell, may well snag the role of Curtis.

Talking of Ian Curtis, The Sun reports that Mark Owen has upset fans at a recent gig by making a graphic reference to the late singer’s death by hanging. According to the tabloid, Owen sang classic Joy Division track’Love Will Tear Us Apart’, and at the end pulled his tie up and put his head on one side with his tongue hanging out.

A fan told The Sun “People were shocked. It seemed sick.” Another fan said: “It was heinous. He was even dressed like Ian Curtis with his tight shirt. He did the hanging about five or ten seconds after finishing the song and said ‘I’ve been wanting to do that for ages’.”

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Owen apparently says: “He would never mean to cause offence. He’s a very well liked guy.” But said spokesman didn’t deny the incident. Which all seems very strange because, he’s right when he says that Mark Owen is such a nice guy. What was he thinking?

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