Creative launch video enabled MP3 player

MP3 player makers Creative are about to launch a new player to take on the video-enabled iPod. The Zen Vision:M is expected to be officially announced today, although the company’s Japanese division started talking about it yesterday.

Search for Creative portable media players on

Search for Creative portable media players on

The new combined audio/video player will play a range of video file formats including MPEG 1, 2 and 4, WMV 9, Motion JPEG, DivX 4 and 5, and XviD, while on the audio side it will work with MP3, WMA with DRM and WAV. Crucially that list of complicated codecs does not include the file format used by iTunes for its video, meaning that, as with music, owners of a Creative player will not be able to buy content from iTunes. Which presumably means Creative will need another download platform to start flogging a decent sized library of video downloads to feed their players.

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