New feline concept album from Yeah Yeah Yeahs?

That new Yeah Yeah Yeahs long player is a concept album all about Karen O’s cat Coco. Producer Squeak E Clean told MTV: “The whole album is pretty much about this cat’s journey from Chile to New York. Each track tells the story of its life. So it starts with Coco’s birth, to when they found Coco, and continues.” He explained how Karen O and ‘Maps’ video director Patrick Daughters found the cat whilst in South America, and how a major focus in the album is an incident that happened just as they were about to leave for the US: “Karen accidentally let the cat out right before they were going to come back (to the US), and they had to go searching for Coco throughout the city and they eventually found her in a park three blocks away in a tree and brought her back.”

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On the style of the new LP, Clean continued: “it’s a lot different from the last Yeah Yeah Yeahs record. Those guys did a lot of growing both musically and personally. The album is much more spiritual and much more mature than their last album. There’s still some old Yeah Yeah Yeahs flavour in there – it definitely rocks really hard – but there’s more songs. It has real, beautiful songs, and Karen sings beautifully. It’s definitely going to surprise people, ’cause it’s so powerful and different … It’s definitely uniquely a Yeah Yeah Yeahs record, but it’s just very emotional and full of true, deep feelings.”

‘Coco Beware’ is due sometime in March, with the band expected to release a separate EP of songs from their recent studio sessions that do not take the life and times of Karen O’s cat as their theme. So. There you go.

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