Design a flag for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs!

As all you die hard YYY fans will know, there is a new album and tour on the cards before long. To celebrate this Nick, Brian and Karen want you to design them a flag, all the entries will be used in one way or another, whether it’s on the album cover or the band’s website or on tour for good luck. The rules are that the flag must be:

  • Whatever size you like
  • Whatever colour you like (Easy on the hot pink)
  • Relative To The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • Embodying the symbolic that you have vibed off us totally to the max
  • Recognizable above all
  • A flag that we can stick on a pole and wave around

Click here to buy Yeah Yeah Yeahs music from

Click here to buy Yeah Yeah Yeahs music from

With your flag submission please include all contact info including name, address, phone number, age, signature, and email address. Please have all entries postmarked by DECEMBER 8, 2005.

Send your Flag contest submissions to the appropriate address below:

From the UK:

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs Flag Competition
    C/O Pal
    364 Kensington High Street
    W14 8NS
    UK entries MUST be posted – no personal deliveries will be accepted.

For all other countries send your flag to:

    8391 Beverly Blvd. # 4 6 4
    Los Angeles,

    CA 90048

Please address is exactly like above to guarantee proper delivery as they don’t want to lose any!

You can click the link below to see the ecard for the competition…

E-card link

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