drinkme headline the Water Rats

328 Grays Inn Road, Kings Cross Tube: Kings Cross
Tuesday 25th October 9:45 pm

drinkme are fast earning a reputation as one of London’s most dynamic, innovative and exciting new live bands, They promise to be the breakthrough sensations from the current “Permanent Wave” scene, mixing influences as diverse as 80s electronica, 70s punk and ska and 90s Britpop.

The band formed when guitarist / singer Julian (Whitey, Siobhan Fahey) and bassist / vocalist Ru (Echobelly) began writing tracks together, melding their individual tastes into a tapestry of polished melodies and biting lyrics.

This year the band have been widely lauded for their powerful live performances and have been busy recording tracks for their debut album which is set to be released early next year. The single “manifesto” which will be released in January 2005, has already been getting airplay on Xfm and Radio 1.

They will be playing several gigs in London running up to the launch of their first single, and they definitely have a live act worth seeing. Encapsulating the punky stage presence of Elastica, the energy of a herd of wildebeest and the musical virtuosity of Prince on heat is a tiring business, but drinkme are that rare act that can pull it off.

drinkme have headlined Alan McGee’s Death Disco and The Queen Is Dead clubnights as well as Sean Mclusky’s Sonic Mook Experiment and Return To New York nights. They have played gigs alongside The Libertines, The Others, Client and many other influential bands.

The band’s current set sweeps together a wide range of disco-punk influences such as Gang of Four and PiL, Britpop melodies and lyrics reminiscent of the Clash and Blur, while loops reminiscent of 80’s electronica add a Numanesque edge to their sound.

Such an array of influences has seen the band develop a large fan-base within London, appealing to everyone who appreciates classic British songwriting and danceable disco beats.

Hype aside, drinkme possess all the class and credentials to make a big impact in 2005. They are a band worth getting behind and supporting. Unlike the great white hopes of the past, drinkme have the talent and tenacity to capitalise on their opportunities and kick start something special.

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