Massive Attack discuss follow up to 100th Window

A new Massive Attack album is on its way according to, who report that a follow up to 2003s ‘100th Window’ will be ready in the next year. Robert 3-D Del Naja has apparently been in the studio working on songs for the new LP, which, he says, have a “gothic soul direction”, and lots of guest vocals from such collaborators as Horace Andy, Liz Frazer and Beth Orton.

He said: “Been a fertile year. Lots of new recordings and talented people been in and out of our studio which has become home now. I have been trying out new and old techniques and have come up with a new gothic soul direction. We have recorded vocals on about 5 tracks and have vocals to put down on at least 15 before Xmas, which is drawing horrifically close. Thinking ahead to the tour, (we) will make changes as every other super group has bitten the hell out of the 100th Window’ experience.”

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