Yeah Yeah Yeah’s close to completing their new album

Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner says the band have nearly finished their second album, and that it should see a release early next year. Zinner told music website Pitchfork “We’re pretty much done. We’re done recording, basically. I went to London with half of the mixes. I’m going to go back in a couple of weeks to finish it up. Then it’s just a matter of picking and choosing, and all the other things you have to think about when putting out a record, which I don’t really want to think about right now.”

Zinner also releases an EP next month with Head Wound City, his other band, in which he works with Justin Pearson and Gabe Serbian of The Locust and Cody Votolato and Jordan Blilie of The Blood Brothers. Their eponymous debut is seven songs but only 9 minutes and 41 seconds long. Blilie describes it thus “It’s kind of like if Alien and Predator started a band instead of fighting each other.”

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