Casual Saints release ‘Bones In The Sun’

Fat Northerner discovered Casual Saints through word of mouth – renowned for putting on an awesome live show and writing songs that turn any gig into a party – we had to check them out. We quickly put them in the studio to record three of their best tunes and these are the results – catchy songs with a modern, quirky rock ‘n’ roll edge, with echoes of Madness, The Futureheads and The Ordinary Boys.

Forming towards the end of 2003, Casual Saints embarked on a voyage into the frighteningly familiar world that is Rock N’ Roll. Most of 2004 was spent pinning down their sound and generally developing themselves as a band. Great songs were written, shit ones were dropped. Hair was grown and cut and grown again. Some band members experimented with facial hair.

Other highlights so far? Their first ever gig at a warehouse party in London. As Tom says, “The response from the crowd down there was great, although a frustrated neighbour who had been disturbed did try and attack Jos with a hammer”.

There were, of course, numerous successful Manchester gigs. One of them even culminated in a small scale riot when bouncers switched off the PA after the gig ran over time. Generally though, things ran a lot smoother. As part of Christmas celebrations 2004, the band played at a party at Blueprint studios, alongside Elbow and some of the other bands who practice there. As Jos explains, “every band had to do a cover of a Christmas song, so we did East 17’s Stay Another Day. Everyone loved it; in fact most people agreed it was the best”.

As for 2005, after playing their first gig of the year headlining Manchester’s Blowout, the Saints hooked up with FAT Northerner Records. Initially the band wrote a track for the forthcoming SuperCity album, but they have since been asked to record a single and here it is…. Enjoy!

Casual Saints play In The City @ Font Bar, Oxford Rd, Manchester on Sat 1st Oct… and its free, yes… FREE!! Get there early to ensure entry!

‘Assured and accomplished Casual Saints come to us a tantalising proposition…Could well be the next evolutionary step in classic Mancunian rock n’ roll!’ City Life Magazine

‘Rock N’ Roll that you can dance to has been a bit thin on the ground in recent times but over the last year a few artists have hit the charts with tunes that you can cut a groove to; Franz Ferdinand Hot Hot Heat are two which spring to mind. CASUAL SAINTS could easily surpass them both with their songs which are essentially funk dressed in a rock n’ roll leather jacket as strong rhythm drives forward the music…Well worth checking out.’

‘There’s a sense of expectancy as the crowd rush towards the front before the Casual Saints start, this atmosphere being created in about 7 songs by the previous band, The Whip. So as the four apostles, though this time its Jos, Tom, Danny and Si, of classic Manchester rock take the stage there’s celebratory cheering and whistles. They perform a miracle with a literally divine set. “Bones In The Sun”, their single is an early crowd pleaser. The whole set is played with real zeal and as they stampede towards the end of the set, the crowd dancing and singing. They play the two best tunes of the night “Hats Off To Your Man” and “Scissor Man”. The Casual Saints have crucified every other band tonight.’
Jonny Nicholson – High Voltage

‘I can’t help but feel that Casual Saints are going to have a pretty rewarding future in their own right if they can maintain this standard of coolness and originality’
Toxic Pete

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