Silver Rocket Club Night Friday 5th August

Upstairs at the Garage
£4 with flyer (from website), otherwise £5

    Trencher (Grind-Pain)
    Comanechi (Jap-Pain)
    Silent Front (Post-Core)
    Dead Sea Fucking Scrolls (Grind-Core)

Then dance to…sonic youth von bondies fugazi breeders yeah yeah yeahs mudhoney the rapture slint le tigre dinosaur jr lightning bolt detroit cobras !!! the smiths scissor sisters pavement the cure ac/dc shellac peaches blondie ikara colt bikini kill black sabbath outkast my bloody valentine pixies kaito ride ramones joy division nirvana 80s matchbox interpol beck hot snakes radio 4 walkmen beastie boys the fall pj harvey buff medways stereolab dead kennedys jesus lizard aphex twin queens of the stoneage buzzcocks guns’n’roses joeyfat primal scream sleater kinney part chimp bloc party chinese stars public image blues explosion moldy peaches grandaddy jane’s addiction chicks on speed etc etc. Etc…

Cut and Paste in August will be free to list members, it is on Sat Aug 20th and alas is the most excellent These Hands’ last ever show and also features the amazing Kyote who we discovered for the first time last week. So if you know anyone who might want to get in cheap tell them to join the mailing list at before then…

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