King Creosote (feat. The Earlies) London show and new single

LIVE: LONDON DATE – 1 August 2005 (more tbc)
SINGLE: Favourite Girl released 15 August
ALBUM: KC Rules OK released 5 September

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On Monday 1 August King Creosote featuring The Earlies are to play their debut UK live show togther in support of King Creosote’s forthcoming September KC Rules OK album, and August’s Favourite Girl single, which sees King Creosote teaming up with The Earlies.

Monday 1 August
The Luminaire
311 High Road

    doors: 7:30pm
    Tuung: 8:30pm
    9:30pm: King Creosote feat. The Earlies

On 15 August 2005 King Creosote is to release his debut commercial ep. Called “Favourite Girl”, the limited edition ep is King Creosote’s debut release for Names, and includes “Jump At The Cats”, “My Favourite Girl” and “So Forlorn (… again)”. The ep is taken from King Creosote’s forthcoming 5 September Names-released album “KC Rules OK”, which sees him recording with fellow Names artists, The Earlies.
Born Kenny Anderson, “KC Rules OK” is King Creosote’s third commercially released album, and follows hot on the tail’s of “Rocket DIY”, which was released earlier this year to much acclaim on Fence / Domino, and 2003’s “Kenny & Beth’s Musikal Boat Rides”, which, also released on Fence / Domino, made No. 5 in Rough Trade’s top 100 albums of that year, when he was also voted one of the Top 50 Best Scottish Acts of All Time by The List magazine.

Hailing from Fife, King Creosote is head honcho of The Fence Collective and Fence Records. For the uninitiated, the Fence Collective are a rag-tag amalgam of bands, DJ’s and solo artists, whose heart beats proudly and loudly within the East Neuk of Fife, in Scotland. Existing outwith the competitive hub-bub of Glasgow/London, the Collective’s music strays from association with any particular scene, and, together with fellow Collective members James Yorkston, Lone Pigeon and
U.N.P.O.C., the King is helping to promote a grass roots love of music.

As well as playing in The Fence Collective, King Creosote is also a part-time player with Magnetophone, U.N.P.O.C. and Adem, as well as a highly respected solo artist in his own right. Having travelled the length and breadth of the UK, his first encounter with The Earlies was at 2004’s Green Man Festival, where they were both both playing.

Finding they had much in common, the album “KC Rules OK”, recorded in Manchester earlier this year, sees Kenny playing an entire album of King Creosote penned tracks with The Earlies.|

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