John Cale’s new album ‘blackAcetate:’ released October 3rd

The musical force that is John Cale releases his second EMI Records album ‘blackAcetate:’ on October 3rd, 2005. The follow-up to 2003’s critically acclaimed ‘Hobosapiens’ album, ‘blackAcetate:’ is a much harder contemporary rock album than its predecessor and it sounds like a sonic masterpiece.

Working closely alongside Cale on ‘blackAcetate:’ are Herb Graham Jr (Macy Gray) and Mickey Petralia (Beck, Rage Against The Machine, Dandy Warhols, Eels). The powerhouse trio have come up with an album of incredible music and production values that surpass most recordings. It’s a reflection of the standards Cale has always set: from his early work with the Velvet Underground; his 22 solo studio albums; production for Patti Smith, Nico, Squeeze, the Stooges and the Happy Mondays right up to his most recent offering, the starkly brilliant original score to the film ‘Process’ which has been earning rave reviews and is out now.

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And so to ‘blackAcetate’: 13 new songs; a multitude of instruments; inspiration from Dre and Pharell, Erykah Badu, Gorillaz and Doves then back to Curtis Mayfield and beyond…; avant-garde rock; an amazing falsetto from the Welshman with the deepest of voices; inspiration, innovation, songs of fervour, distortion and atmosphere – a cutting edge album in every sense of the word and a very rewarding listening experience.

The first release from ‘blackAcetate:’ is ‘TurnTheLightsOn’ which is available as a digital download on July 25th, whilst a second single ‘Perfect’ gets a full commercial release in October. A video of ‘Perfect’ will be available from September. John Cale will be touring the UK and Europe around this time, dates to be confirmed shortly.

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