CLING announce the release of a new single

CLING have been compared to Royksopp, Goldfrapp and Air and their unique brand of Textured Beats, Distinctive Vocals and Imaginative Lyrics is now available in the form of a new digital single ABANDONED available on iTunes

ABANDONED Was originally promoted in March 2005 and is also being released on 2 compilation CDs, one in the USA and one in Europe.

ABANDONED is also available from Online Music Distribution company. who is at present running a feature on CLING.

Alex Georgiou from new music specialist BRIGHTSKIES Comments: “CLING, an important new music discovery, have been highly acclaimed from critics around the world and yet would’ve remained undiscovered in the pre-digital age and at the mercy of Major record companies, CLING Are a class act destined for the top but if it was left to Major record companies they’d still be stuck in a bottleneck along with the hundreds of other undiscovered new music talents”.

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