LONDON — Cult indie surfgoth outfit Brand Violet ( release ‘AKATHISIA’ on Tapewyrm Records (

This follow-up to the well-received (if little promoted) 2004 debut RETROVISION COMA USA (Riverside Records) continues the band’s unique B-sci-fi-surf-goth pop rock, with a perhaps darker edge than the first album.

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    “Spooky, gothic, surf, noir, rock ‘n’ pop – Brand Violet are already cult favourites in London and it’s not difficult to hear why. Frontwoman Sally-Anne Marsh sounds like an insane six year old with a grudge against society – in reality, she’s an insane twenty-something with a grudge against society – and the band whip up a noise which takes in all the above and comes out the other side like a hybrid of X, classic Blondie, Cramps and the Gun Club. ” —

    “Sally-Anne Marsh sounds like the results of an experiment to distil the irresistibly seductive voice of Eartha Kitt with the irresistibly seductive voice of Debbie Harry. That makes her sound irresistibly seductive then, yet her contribution isn’t the most striking thing about ‘Sputnik Bride’. That honour is reserved for the wobbly 50’s space-rock that underpins it; it’s like listening to Space (in the five minutes that they were unmissable) rummaging through Joe Meek’s cupboard looking for the holy grail of unmistakeable sounds. If Space really had done this they’d be Top of The Pops. Their loss; Brand Violet have done it and I’m SO looking forward to seeing the look of confusion on the face of the tragically hip loser that has to present this lot to the nation when they make it, for make it they surely will. ” — LOGO Magazine



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