Retro-flavoured Gold Mine, February 13, 2005

Wow! I’m a 80’s music fanatic… so, boy was I thrilled to stumble upon Justus Boyz. If an act that sounds like a cross between Erasure and The Cars is your thing, then you will no doubt fall in love this album. My two favourite key tracks are Uh Oh and Forever Man….but there is so much more here to enjoy as well. Great great hooks (and beats) laced throughout the enire disc. I’m always bopping my head everytime I play it. If you like retro flavoured 80s music, Justus Boyz will definitely leave you smiling ear to ear.
Lots of ear candy. My friends love it too. Retro, yet fresh.
Radio should be this exciting. Thank god for internet radio. That’s where I discovered them.
Judging by the pics on their album, they’re not too hard to look at either.
Can’t wait to hear more!!!!

Reviewer: Jason O’Conner “Jay” (Toronto, Ontario)

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