Pourquoi me reveiller woke up! (Free MP3)

Monday, 13 December 2004, Nijmegen, the Netherlands;
Pourquoi me reveiller (translation: why awaken?), a Dutch alternative guitar rock band with some electronic and classical elements included as well, has just finished their first 5 tracks of their upcoming new album called “They took my bed outside!”.

Pourquoi me reveiller is formed in 1998 by Muf (vocals, piano, accordion and guitar), Nix (guitar), Fallus (gamba and bass gamba) and Inkie (bass guitar). The band is inspired by bands like dEUS, Radiohead, DAAU and Zita Swoon and many more.

People who already heard of Pourquoi me reveiller and judged it, call their music: great, fantastic, a piece of art, wonderful, emotional, pure, but also new and weird.

You can listen to their music for free (full length)! Please be patient. The other songs are ready for download soon! The expected official release of the “They took my bed outside!” will be approx. February/March 2005.

These 5 tracks are uploaded to our website. Click here for the direct link: to listen to the music for free!’

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