the boy from space debut single – If I Was Crap Like You

Check out the debut single from London spacepunk band ‘the boy from space’ at or buy it at

Read a review from Vanity Project:
“If I was crap like you, I’d be successful too”. This attacks privilege in society and manufacturing in music with equal vigour. However the music surrounding it, and the vocal style, is far from angry, instead it’s all very relaxed with sweet ‘Jim’ll Fix It’-like la-la-la’s thrown in. Playing the popstrels at their own game perhaps. It reminds me of VP favourite The Party, albeit with added Cuban Boy-like frivolity (particularly on b-side remix ‘I Know What To Do’). Good fun, all told, which for a first single with an uninspiring title, provides jolly reward for those partaking. Skif Vanity Project

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