Mando Diao – November Live Dates and ‘Paralysed’ Debut Single

Hard rocking, hip swinging, Swedish Rock’n’rollers Mando Diao are in the UK this week, ahead of the release their debut UK single proper ‘Paralyzed’ on November 15th on Majesty / Capitol.

Betweenplanets reccomends you take this opportunity to grab another ‘oh, I saw them before they were really famous’ anecdote:

  • Saturday 6th at Frog at the Mean Fiddler.
  • Sunday 7th at Manchester Night & Day with The Mooney Suzuki.
  • Monday 8th at Beach Club, Nottinghill Arts Club.
  • Tuesday 9th London Artrocker, The Bufallo, Islington.

‘Paralyzed’ is a ballsy bluesy sweaty anthem for anyone who believes in benefits of the hedonistic life. Sex, tight pants, raging guitars, and a puckered kiss on the black-eyed sucker… Mando Diao will restore your faith in the kingdom of R’N’R once and for all.

Already a favourite with the ladies, ‘Paralyzed’ is backed with a collection of dynamic and dramatic pit-dance inducing songs, ‘Motown Blood’- which will invade your head, ‘Bring ’em In’ which will invade your body and ‘The Band’ that will leave with your soul.

Taken from the band’s Swedish debut album ‘Bring ’em In’ which has now been acclaimed pretty much throughout the world, these tracks have been likened to a collision of Beatles, The Seeds and Sex Pistols, though we also sense the Davies Brothers, Lou Reed, and even a little Howlin’ Wolf or two among the onlookers.

They will release ‘Hurricane Bar’- a spectacular new album and their debut UK LP release early in 2005, that looks set to propel them into the stratosphere where they belong alongside the likes of Razorlight, The Libertines or The Hives… except a cuter, younger version.

All of this anger and ecstasy comes to us live and direct from somewhere in the middle of Sweden.

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