The Gotan Project – ‘Inspiracion, Espiricion’ out 20th September

RELEASE DATE: 20th September 2004

The musical world that the GoTan Project inhabit is a multifarious one. It draws on the African roots of Tango and takes inspiration from Argentinean Folk as much as it resonates with the urban intensity of the city of Buenos Aires, with its melancholy, its women, its cocaine, and its indestructible, immortal Tango.


Inspiracion / Espiracion

The second disc that accompanies the album includes a video by their longtime visual collaborator, Prisca Lobjoy. She is a video artist and has been part of the GoTan Project world since the very beginning (from the design of their first single sleeves, to the album cover and, above all, the creation of the videos, which are projected during the live shows).

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