Johnny Domino – Solid Ground

Johnny Domino are, for the unitiated, an Ilkeston based four-piece specialising in a funked up progressive rock with influences from seemingly everywhere. Their latest album is a pleasantly unpredictable trip through jangly guitars, controlled distortion, keyboards, and theatrical vocals. It is no surprise that their rare live forays are so well appreciated; Johnny Domino have a dance vibe, an art rock inventiveness and brilliant tunes.

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There are songs on this album that deserve to be selling by the truckload. The bizarre but wonderful ‘I heart 1883’, the deeply funky bass of ‘UR My Oar’, or the eighties infused indie of ‘Ingredients’ would all be great singles if released. Beside these there are more unusual tracks like the space age Gregorian chant of ‘Nim Nom’, the many, many layers of electronica and rock in ‘TDKBASF’ and the new wave stylings of ‘Breath It Out’.

Two of my favourites, ‘I Heart 1883’, along with ‘Ingredients’ are both available as MP3 downloads from the Johnny Domino website.

Label : Artists Against Success

Release Date : 09 August 2004

Website :


  • Solid Ground
  • Vocodamol
  • Yekim Yeh
  • I HEART 1883
  • Second Greatest
  • Dutch Girlfriend
  • UR My Oar
  • Nim Nom
  • Ingredients
  • This Mountain
  • (intro) Flu
  • Breathe It Out
  • Golden Days

Johnny Domino are James Convery, Mark Elston, Stephen Woodward and Giles Woodward.

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