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1 AUGUST 2004
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LONDON – The Henderson Shatners ( release their debut album Henderson on 15 September on Tapewyrm Records (

Sounds? You’ll hear surf guitar, other guitars, grand pianos, a Vox Continental organ through a Leslie speaker, the legendary KORG MS-20, a foetal heartbeat, and much more. “Simply put, this it what it would sound like if you were chased off the set of Kill Bill 3 and down Mulholland Drive,” says Juan dos Passos

Released simultaneously alongside Brand Violet’s ( new EP The Legend of Ladybeard and Thumpermonkey’s ( Pigheart, the trio of releases should offer something for even the most hardened swinger.

Featuring ten tracks and clocking in at 33 minutes, the album plunges from the doomy Moulin Rouge big-band burlesque of ‘Los Musculos’ and ‘The Night Before The Honeymoon’ to the 1950s-tinged ‘The Tulsa Chop’ and the pure pop perversion of ‘Cool Tattoo’ before descending into the electronica obscurita of ‘The Courier’s Tragedy’.

A Special Edition of the album will include a video which will feature nude girls from That one will probably have a black label, however.

Henderson K. Shatner is co-songrwiter and bass player for London’s Brand Violet, described as “Blondie Meets The Pixies” and hailed as ‘London’s finest female fronted pop combo.’

Two of the tracks on Henderson feature on the concurrently released Tapewyrm Records: Segments Volume One compilation featuring Brand Violet, Thumpermonkey, The Milburns, Telford Mining Disaster, The Henderson Shatners and So long, post office.

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