VS – ‘Make It Hot’ released 20th September

Fresh from the chart success of their hits ‘Love You Like Mad’, and ‘Call U Sexy’, VS are back with a slamming third single, ‘Make It Hot’, released on 20th September through Innocent Records.

‘Make It Hot’ features a crunching bassline and a rhythmic melody that builds to an infectious chorus, calling you to the dancefloor. Co-written by VS themselves with production team DEEKAY, the track fuses the punchy raps of Jaime and Blimi with the smooth and sexy vocals of Marvin, Chinyere and Ryan to produce a fresh, slick slice of UK r&b.

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Marvin says: “‘Make It Hot’ is a really energetic, sexy track. We recorded it with DEEKAY in Denmark and it’s one of my favourite tracks on our forthcoming album, because you can’t help but bob your head when you hear it. It’s definitely one to dance to, which is why we particularly love performing this song live.”

Since exploding onto the music scene this February, VS have been busy writing and recording their debut album, due out later this year. The band have collaborated on the album with such r&b luminaries as Cutfather & Joe, Supaflyas and Stargate. VS have also spent the past few months taking to the stage at various roadshows and festivals throughout the UK and Europe and are supporting Blue on their summer tour dates.


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