We need YOUR vote to help Castle House in Joe’s adopted hometown of Bridgwater, Somerset, to win BBC2’s Restoration and become the very first Strummerville!

Voting for the first round is from 9pm on Sunday 25 July through to midnight on Monday 26 July.

Telephone 09011 33 22 22

Calls cost 50p of which 35p goes towards the eventual restoration of the winning building.

The final is on August 8 and if we win the first round we will need your phone votes once more.,,

The underdog and very much the dark horse in this year’s shortlist for BBC’s Restoration series ‘the Big Brother of heritage TV’ is the humble CONCRETE CASTLE in Bridgwater, Somerset.

Built in 1851 in a Bridgwater back street, the Castle is the first concrete building in the world. Over the last 150 years, the CONCRETE CASTLE has seen service as a show house, guesthouse, apartment building, flophouse and crack den. It now stands sadly on the brink of oblivion. Your Restoration vote can make the difference. Vote CONCRETE CASTLE and help us reclaim its title as the ‘mother of all concrete’.

But there is an even better reason for voting– if it wins, your vote will not just save the CONCRETE CASTLE but help transform it into the CONCRETE CASBAH — the headquarters of STRUMMERVILLE the charity formed in honour of
the one and only JOE STRUMMER.

The main aim of STRUMMERVILLE is to provide benefits to individuals groups and organisations to enable the production of music by creative young people who would otherwise be prevented from doing so simply because they lack the
necessary funds. Its aim is to have unique creative workspaces called STRUMMERVILLE in key
locations and towns like Bridgwater around the world.

In the last years of his life, Joe Strummer became a Bridgwater local, who loved the town, its raw spirit and rebel traditions as well as the madcap nature of the CONCRETE CASTLE.

The STRUMMERVILLE flagship in Bridgwater would feature rehearsal, meeting and performance spaces, cafe, Black Lamp cinema and an art gallery under the aegis of Damien Hirst.

In voting for the CONCRETE CASBAH and a STRUMMERVILLE headquarters in BRIDGWATER you will be playing a vital part in kick starting the charity, as well as the regeneration of an underprivileged and neglected town.


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