McAlister Delivers Surplus Cheese to the Masses

What would it sound like if a John Mayer CD was produced by Outkast? That’s one of many musical questions asked by singer, songwriter, producer, and all around one-man-band Rick McAlister on his debut CD, Surplus Cheese. Citing musical influences ranging from James Brown to Beck and from Opera to Bop, McAlister’s work is a catchy and accessible blend of pop, funk, jazz, folk, and a touch of classical. “You won’t consciously think of the different styles in each song,” says the artist. “They just co-exist organically.”

Lyrically, the fourteen tracks on Surplus Cheese feature a variety of topics and moods, including amusing lampoons of the entertainment industry (“Platinum,” “Reality Bytes,” and “Superstar”), tales of love longed for and lost (“Ecstasy,” “Divine,” and “Flaws”), political commentary (“Propaganda”), and much more. McAlister promises listeners that “Every song is about something–no endless bragging about money, no self-indulgent diatribes about ex-lovers, no fats, no fillers.” McAlister’s songwriting has been honored by Billboard Magazine and American Songwriter Magazine.

Music lovers who are tired of hearing the same ten songs on the radio are invited to McAlister’s home on the web– The site features free sound samples, lyrics, bonus tracks, photos, and more. Current and future fans can sign up to receive updates, e-mail McAlister with love letters or hate mail, register to win free CD’s, and enjoy their ration of Surplus Cheese. The CD is also available at several online retailers, including CD Baby, iTunes, CD Street, and more.

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