Lowfive / Bullet For My Valentine

Carling Islington Academy – Friday 7th May 2004

This gig was an industry only showcase for a new American band who will be officially
launching themselves in the UK next month. When you’re lured to a gig by the promise
of a free bar, it’s always going to be difficult not to be slightly cynical about
what you’re going to find.

The first thing I found as I entered the upstairs bar at the Islington Academy
was Bullet For My Valentine. Instantly I was pleased to hear blistering metal
of a kind I haven’t seen live for many years; the riffs were fast, heads were
banged and the double bass drum parts made my ribs shake. It may not be the sort
of thing I’d go out and buy these days but it’s still great to see it live.

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Having already heard Lowfive’s debut single, Too Much Of Nothing (out 14th June),
I thought I was pretty much up to speed on what to expect. However, while the
recordings are very good, their live performance is very different and where the
band truly come alive.

The band came on stage oozing the kind of cool that only Americans can, vocalist
Nik Frost strutting around the stage and swinging his microphone while
his three counterparts played punk that wouldn’t be out of place if put up against
the Ramones or the New York Dolls. The set was short, just half an hour, and the
band kept up a high standard throughout. They also managed to leave the stage
with the entire room wanting more, which I guess was their plan.

Lowfive return to the UK in June for an appearance at the Download Festival and
a short tour supporting Young Heart Attack.
The single, Too Much Of Nothing is out on 14th June and will be followed later this summer
by the band’s debut album, Emergency Disaster Kit.

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