markus koller : songwriter, composer, producer…

markus koller : songwriter, composer, producer…

… but unfortunately no singer! So Markus Koller has specialized in writing, composing and arranging songs and instrumental music of various styles for professional vocalists and bands, as well as for commercials, film&television. In order to create expressive productions out of his mad musical
brainwaves, the winner of the Austrian Starlight Award cooperates with different fabulous guest-musicians and several talented creative singers, who complete his instrumental basic ideas by the vocal interpretation of his words. In this way MK’s recording studio is a birthplace of unique music of different styles and sounds. More information about MK and his team, as well as latest lyrics and pre-productions of unsigned songs are available at

So don´t hesitate to contact MK, if you’re interested in his songs or lyrics, or simply to let him know what you are looking for!

MK is a member of AKM-Austria.

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