Devendra Banhart – Rejoicing In The Hands

    RELEASE DATE: 24th May 2004

What the reviews have said;

“…his raw songcraft is terrifyingly effective at communicating the breadth of human emotion… beautiful, damaged, naked and utterly compelling.” – The Wire

“Banhart sounds like a feral man-boy-man: his compositions, plucked out on a battered acoustic, are minimal, sing-song affairs of magic-realist proportions'”- The Observer

“A complete one-off, the world would be a poorer place without him” – NME

“Something quite magical'” – The Independent “With an imagination as fierce as this, the possibilities are enthralling” – NME

“Brittle, enhancing and scissor-sharp” – Time Out

“It’s been awhile since an obsessive, naïve, utterly original musical visionary – a Beck, a Vic Chesnutt – emerged from a private sanctum into the embrace of the rock cognoscenti. But we’ve got one now.” – The Los Angeles Times

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